Salat Syifa'

"O Allah! Bestow Your blessings upon our master Muhammad, blessing which heals us and send peace upon him, peace that is a medicine for us and »

Salat Ulul-'Azmi

"O Allah! Bestow Your blessings and peace upon our master Muhammad, Adam, Nuh, Ibrahim, Musa and 'Isa and all the other Prophets and Messengers who came »

Salat al-Jami'ah

"O Allah! Bestow Your blessings, peace and favour upon our master Muhammad and upon his family, the Prophets, the Messengers, Jibril, Mikail, Angel of Death, the »

Shaykh al-Qandusi

"You are my son in truth! Speak if you wish, or remain silent if you wish. I love you and love those who love you! I »